Laddar Evenemang

Welcome to 6 evenings of sweet Zouk dance and fun, with workshops on Brazilian Zouk, and work that musicality and sensation into our feet and bodies. Open levels nights that work fine for you who don’t have any experience, but also for you who have been dancing Zouk for a while. We put the partner connection to another level. You can attend every evening separatedly, but if you want to focus on the workshops (60 min) and go all 6 of them, you can buy them as a separate course. For that see ”Tickets”.

If you have no zouk basics and intend to attend all 6 sundays, we reccommend you to attend our Beginners Class, either only or simultaneously with these workshops. For that see

We always play calmed and slow music on the Social Dance, no BPM above 150!!

PLACE: Stora Salen, Mäster Olofsgården. Svartmangatan, Gamla Stan


28/1 Zouk with Lauren and Piro at Mäster Olof:

11/2 Zouk Sunday: Workshop and social

11/3 Zouk Sunday: Workshop and social

8/4 Zouk Sunday: Workshop and social

22/4 Zouk Sunday: Workshop and social

13/5 Zouk Sunday: Workshop and social


18:15 – 19:15 Workshop, Open Level

19:15- 22:00 Social Dance.

6 times offer (including social dance): 500 SEK

1 time: 120 SEK (pre-sale 100 SEK)

Only Social: 60 SEK (pre-sale 50 SEK) per time

For demos and other activities see

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