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Sensual, Smooth and Innovative. These words not only describe Sam’s unique style of dance, but also her personality, and life motto. “What I love about dance, specifically zouk, is the ability for it to be versatile. It can be smooth and sensual, yet structured. It’s the thrill of thinking outside of the box, being able to add innovative movement through creativity and connection, that leaves you feeling exhilarated… and always wanting more. This way, we can pour our emotions, thoughts and passions into a dance.”

A co-founder of Zouk Dubai/Zouk M.E in 2009, Sam was the principal instructor in the UAE from 2009-2013, traveling regionally as well as internationally to teach and perform. In March 2014, she started training Javi Santos. Coming from different styles, they trained to find the best way to match and understand their differing styles and teaching methodologies.

Since then Javi and Sam have traveled extensively through Asia (Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore) and Europe (Spain, France, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland) performing, teaching and spreading their passion for and knowledge of zouk. Debuting their show in July 2014 at the 2nd ZoukDevils & Friends Summer weekend, Javi and
Sam were officially presented as instructors for ZoukDevils.

Drawing techniques and styling from her background in Ballroom, Tango, and Salsa, Sam’s dream is not just to perform and teach zouk, but to help spread the love of the dance worldwide, and to see her students find their own inspiration and style.


We have the pleasure to borrow Sam for a workshop in Lady Style for the Zouk with Javi and Sam in Stockholm (main event see link).

TIME & PLACE: 19 March, 14:45-15:45, Dansstudio 1 (Frejgatan 41, Door code is sent as you sign up) T-bana Rådmansgatan

PRICE: 250 SEK (Participants of Zouk weekend Javi & Sam, 200 SEK)

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