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We have te opportunity to have Kris in Stockholm for workshops, and get you started in Brazilian Zouk. A top, European Instructor, with direct lieneage from Brazilian teachers, and Brazil. Kris will also be teaching Intermediate Level on 20 May. If you are interested in participating, write to for information


19:00-20:00 Beginners Workshop
20:00-22:00 Social Dance

100 SEK (7,45 SEK Service fee) by Biletto
120 SEK cash or Swish at the venue
Social dance: 50 kr

Social Dance fee is included in Workshop fee.

Possibility to private classes. Contact for information.

If you want to be part of our classes, please reserve your spot by using the link below under ”ticekts/biljetter”

Zouk in Stockholm



Kris Leczek is a well know name and face among Zoukers, who travel to congresses, since he is often hired as DJ for these as DJ SoulZouk. He teaches also Zouk on regular basis. Kris started his career as a Bachata DJ and Instructor before starting with Zouk.

Brazilian Zouk is a dance with origins in Lambada and Carimbó, from Nothern Brazil. Carimbó is an ancient folk dance from Belém de Pará, on which later on the Lambada from the 1900s originated. Carimbó was dance to traditional instruments such as hand made drums, and Lambada to so called “Lambada music”, which was in fashion during the 90’s, also known and danced in Europe. Lambada music and dance went out of fashion, but Lambada dancers kept dancing, but now playing Atillean Zouk music. The dance was now known as “Zouk Lambada” or “Lambazouk”, and later became simply “Zouk”. The dance style born in Brazil is called “Brazilian Zouk” not to be confused with the musical genre “Zouk”, with has an eolutiona nd history of its own.

Later on Brazilian Zouk evolved into several branches since more people started dancing and teaching it at dance academies, and incorporated elements from dance academies such as Ballroom, Bolero, and Contact Improvisation and Contemporary dance. Brazilian Zouk can be virtually danced to every kind of music, due to its elastic basic steps. It is a dance style characterized for freedom of interpretation, musicality and none the less: Sensuality.


Soulzouk is a METHODOLOGY based on the premise that respects the fundamental principles of human movement performance. The ideal is the execution of high performance movements with less energy expenditure as possible, according to Biomechanics.

Soulzouk is a set of tools for the students to develop THEMSELVES, so he/she understands how his/her body works and what are their strong points and which points needs more attention and dedication. A very good complement to traditional ZOUK/BACHATA classes, since it is based on individual conditions.

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