Laddar Evenemang
  • Detta evenemang har redan ägt rum.

We have te opportunity to have Kris in Stockholm for workshops, to smothen our dance and get to know how our bodies work while dancing!!! This time we have also Niklas Valenti teaching Contact Improvisation for social dancers, which will be the focus of this weekend, how to understand for instance gravity in our dance.

19:00-20:00 Beginners Workshop
20:00-22:00 Social Dance

12:00-14:00 Soulzouk Workshops
14:00-16:00 Soulzouk Workshops
19:00-22:00 Practice, Social Dance, ZOUK FRESH

12:00-14:00 Contact Improvisation
14:30-16:00 Lifts and Tricks – Open Class

750 SEK Fullpass (Friday not Included)
650 Only Zouk Regular Price (Friday not Included)
550 Only Zouk For Weekend attendants (at least 2 weekends previous to this one, Friady not Included)
200 SEK Only Contact Impro
200 SEK Only Lifts and Tricks
100 SEK Fri Beginners Workshop and Social Dance
70 SEK Only Social Dance Sat
50 SEK Only Social Dance Fri

Social Dance fee is included in Workshop fee.

Possibility to private classes. Contact for information.

If you want to be part of our classes, please reserve your spot by using the link below under ”ticekts/biljetter”

Zouk in Stockholm

Niklas Valenti, dancer, teacher and choreographer. He has worked with contemporary dance and theater since 2005. His first dance roots in Hip Hop / breaking and then in Contact Improvisation, which became the gateway to contemporary dance. Since 2005, Niklas has also studied the Feldenkrais Method and the Alexander technique, two techniques, both of which have had a major influence on how I think about the movement and learning.

Contact Improvisation is a form of improvised dancing developed internationally since 1972.Formally, Contact Improvisation is a movement improvisation mainly explored in duets. According to one of its first practicioners, Nancy Stark Smith, it « resembles other familiar duet forms, such as the embrace, wrestling, surfing, martial arts, and the jitterbug, encompassing a wide range of movement from stillness to highly athletic. » A good tool to improve your social dancing where the contact is crucial


Kris Leczek is a well know name and face among Zoukers, and Bachateros who travel to congresses, since he is often hired as DJ for these as DJ SoulZouk. He teaches also Zouk on regular basis. Kris started his career as a Bachata DJ and Instructor before starting with Zouk.


Soulzouk is a METHODOLOGY based on the premise that respects the fundamental principles of human movement performance. The ideal is the execution of high performance movements with less energy expenditure as possible, according to Biomechanics.

Soulzouk is a set of tools for the students to develop THEMSELVES, so he/she understands how his/her body works and what are their strong points and which points needs more attention and dedication. A very good complement to traditional ZOUK/BACHATA classes, since it is based on individual conditions.

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